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Pitched roofing in Birmingham comes in various different types depending on requirements. We have over 15 years experience in the roofing industry and have the expertise to provide several pitched roof options. We specialise in tiling, slating, traditional stone tiling, lead work and pointing that are used in pitched roofing systems.

Expert Roofing Birmingham also provide other related skills that are required for all elements of roofing in Birmingham. Roof installs are a complex process which should only be carried out by experienced and qualified professionals. Our profesional roofers ensure that all roofing projects are completed to the highest standards and the client is always consulted at every stage

Slate Roofing in Birmingham

Slate dates back hundreds of years and was the most commonly used roof covering in Birmingham at one point.

A slate roof laid correctly can last well over 150 years even through the harshest winters although like any roof it has to be well mainted.

Welsh slate was the most commonly used slate in the UK but is becoming harder to source due to the fact that there are no quarries producing this anymore

Slate comes in many different options and varieties/sizes/colours both quarried and factory made Examples [Scotch, Welsh, Spanish, moorland, Burlington, balach etc etc]

All Expert Roofing Birmingham roofers have over 10 years experience working on all pitched roof systems giving you the safe knowledge that all roofing works are carried out to the highest standard of slating.

Tiled Roofing in Birmingham

The concrete and clay roof tiles are the most widely used pitched roof covering out with slate in Birmingham. They are produced in many colours shapes and verities depending on locations local councils and roof styles. Concrete and clay roof tiles are durable long lasting and enhance any property as long as they are maintained over the years of harsh winters you will always be safe in the knowledge your roof is water tight

All Expert Roofing Birmingham roofers in Birmingham have over 10 years experience working on pitched roofing in Birmingham giving you the safe knowledge that all roofing works are carried out to the highest standard of tiling.

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Ever popular pitched roofing in Birmingham is both traditional, attractive and with fantastic drainage ability, there are many reasons why this system is still a firm favourite with homeowners and business owners alike. Contact our team today for more information or a free, no obligation survey and quotation.