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About the Astwood Cemetery in Worcester

The Astwood Cemetery contains at least 95 burials that have been scattered all over the property, and most of them were mainly from Word War 1. There is also a total of 46 burials from the World War 2 located in the cemetery as well. Some of these graves have formed a small plot, as well as a total of 13,were graves from other different nationalities.

Astwood Cemetery and the baby grave

One of the very first person to be buried at the Astwood Cemetery was a man known as John Ryan. The records that are there have been able to show that the child who was only six weeks old was buried in the year 1858 on the 9th of October in an unmarked grave. The burial service was led by Father Brian McGinley who was from the Roman Catholic Church. During the service, the father said that the baby boy was born to Irish parents who were in the Worcester jail. This was the only thing that was known about the baby, nothing less nothing more.

The potato famine

The friends of Aswood Cemetery were the ones who went ahead to provide a gravestone for the boy. When the father was talking about the parents of the boy, he said that his parents came from the county of Mayo in England. The father of the baby was known as John Ryan and worked as a mason laborer, and nothing can be said about the mother who was known as Bridget.

The quiet souls’

The Astwood Cemetery is mostly protected and preserved by the friends of Astwood which is a group that was set up recently. The friends decided that it was about time for the baby to have his own headstone. The secretary of the friends of Astwood who was known as Pam Hinks said that their main aim was to protect the silent souls of the town. She also stated that she had gone ahead to trace all the parish records for the primarypurpose of trying to find out who was the very first person to be buried at the Astwood Cemetery. To her surprise, she discovered that the baby who has been mentioned above was the very first person to be buried there.

The secretary also said that the records that she found also showed that the parents of the baby were prisoners at the Worcester jail. The group is also very keen to hear from any person who has more details about the history of the family. They are also ready to learn about any new details about the family that may not have been mentioned in the records that were found.

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