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GRP Roofing West Midlands & Surrounding Areas

Do you require GRP roofing West Midlands? We are qualified installers of this revolutionary roofing material which gives a 30 year guarantee on new installations! More commonly known as fibreglass roofing, GRP roofing lasts for at least 30 years and offers a very reliable, durable and attractive way of protecting your commercial or domestic property from the elements.

Today GRP roofing hаѕ become a popular choice for property owners throughout the West Midlands and the UK, being easy tο lay іt іѕ possible fοr a couple οf trained professional tradesman tο cover аn average roof іn a single day.

While providing a very effective protection from weathering and the elements, GRP fibreglass roofing is also easy to repair and maintain, ensuring its longevity and providing you with value for money.

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Why a GRP Flat Roof?

Fibreglass has a very wide spectrum of properties which include:

  • High tensile and compressive strength- can be walked on, non slip can be fitted.
  • Hard and smooth surface- hence the 25 year gaurantee
  • Un-reactive to chemicals-
  • Fire resistant-unlike felt
  • Insulator to heat, electricity and sound- improve your carbon footprint
  • Impervious to water- this is a good one
  • Easily moulded and coloured and long lasting, any colour you want.
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Watertight Roofing Material

GRP roofing West Midlands is completely water-tight and provides a highly effective, hard-wearing or both large commercial premises to smaller domestic homes. Whatever your requirements, our expert team have the skills and experience necessary to guide you on the most appropriate roofing method. As a specialist GRP flat roofing company in West Midlands our roofers can help fix and repair your leaking flat roof or provide you with a competitive quotation

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Whichever part of the West Midlands you’re in, one of our expert roofers will be delighted to visit your property, inspect your roof and offer a free estimate on a repair or a new installation for GRP roofing. We guarantee you outstanding quality and hard to beat prices.

So if you need GRP roofing West Midlands then call the roofing experts for all your flat roofing needs. We’re available round the lock 7 days a week.