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Worcester Racecourse is known to be a venue for thoroughbred horse racing that is in England the city of Worcester. There have been quite some different horseracing events that have taken place in this area since the year 1718. The racecourse was also the one that stages the flat racing event which took place until the year 1966. Since then, the racecourse has only been hosting the national hunt racing events.

Popularly known by the residents of Worcester as Pitchcroft, the Worcester Racecourse is just 100 acres. For a number ofyears, the Worcester Rugby team was able to play at the grounds from the year 1893. The race course is laid out in a kind of oval circuit that is around 2,615 meters. During the floods that took place in the year 2017, the racecourse had to be inundated, and all the fixtures that were arranged to take place were all canceled.

Fixtures that are going to be held at the Worcester Racecourse

There is a total number of 20 fixtures that were set out to will take place in the racecourse in the year 2007. The first season which was said to be an opener was occurring in the month of May 11th which was on a Thursday. The games took place and went all the way to the season finale which is going to held in October the 25th 2017.There are also a number of racing highlights that have been made public like the new one which is for the gentleman’s evening which took place on Friday the 26th of May 2017. There was also a ladies day which was scheduled for the 3rd of June and an Irish night which was held on the 18th of July.

Family Fun Days At Worcester RaCECOURSE

The Worcester Racecourse also set out a number of family fun days for this year. The first family fun day took place on the 25th of June which was on a Sunday. The next one is set for the 3rd of September which is also on a Sunday. The family fun days that have been set out tend to feature some things like free entertainment for the kids as well as free pony rides as well. Therefore for those who attended the last one, you should be sure that there is going to be more fun this time round. For those who are under 18, they are admitted entry to the racecourse for free making it a fantastic time out for both you and the kids as well. This is also a great day in which you can be able to get out your ever busy scheduled and get to bond with your children.

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