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Can roof repairs be claimed on home insurance?

The best way of finding out what is covered and what isn’t is in terms of roofing repairs on your home is by going ahead and contacting your insurance provider. When it comes to the coverage of roof repairs, some things are usually looked at first. Some of the things that your insurance company is going to have a look at are the area in which you are living in, the age of your roof, how much you will need regarding money among many other factors. Therefore due to this, it is imperative for you to make sure that you are able to specify the policy that you want.

Many insurance policies that different homeowners tend to take are ones that cover them from damages caused by things they cannot be able to prevent like fire and vandalism. Other disasters caused by nature like tornadoes and hurricanes are generally covered by most insurance companies. Even though some damages to your roof may be as a result of rain, wind, and hail, there are still some factors that need to be lookedat. When it comes to roofing repairs and home insurance, the same thing applies.

Some policies tend to take into account the age of your roof as well as the time in which the roof has been damaged. For example, some insurance policies may give you a full coverage if your roof is only under ten years. The insurance company may also end up covering the expenses that may be needed for replacing and repairing the damaged sections of the roof. The area or rather the place in which you live may also determine the kind of policy you have and how much can be covered by the insurance company. There are those insurance companies that will cover you for the entire cost that you will need for the either repairing or replacement without necessarily taking the age of your roof into consideration.

What happens in most cases is that your insurance company is going to send an inspector who is going to investigate with the primary aim of verifying the claim that you have made. If the inspector finds the damage to be as a result of wear and tear, poor condition of the roof or aging, then this is said to be a normal maintenance meaning the insurance company is not going to cover the claim.

Some things to do to prevent roof damage

Some of the things that you can do include:

  • Replacing any worn out or broken shingles
  • Having a regular roof inspection to detect problems early
  • Get rid of any dead trees that are around your property which could be causing the wear and tear of your roof.

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