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The University of Worcester

Over a number of years, the University of Worcester has been able to offer professional and highly relevant courses by making use of their very effective, inspiring teaching. The university has also been able to take a very inclusive and friendly approach to every single thing that it does and also how it relates to its students. The university also has what is said to be first class facilities as well as the very best student support center. When it comes to the record of graduates who have passed through the University, it has been found to be one of the very best in the entire country.

The teaching excellence framework

The teaching excellence framework is usually awarded to different institutions that have been able to deliver teaching that is of high quality, outcomes and proper learning to their students and an institution that has also been able to go past the national quality requirements that every single institution should follow.

The teaching methods used at the University of Worcester

Been a center for excellence, the institution is known to combine both academic teachings with projects, work placements as well as volunteering opportunities which are given to students within the various hospitals, businesses, school or any other community, public or private organizations around the area.

Student facilities and services at the University

The university has a library known as the hive which was the very first public and joint university library located in Britain. The library gives students access to over 275,000 books, and there are also historical records that date to over 12 miles. There are also IT facilities offered to the students which can be accessed through the study and guidance center which is locatedon St John’s campus. There is also a total of 400 different study spaces with access to Macs, PCs and there is also a wide access to various student services that you may want. All the halls of residence that are provided by the school have on campus media services as well as internet access for students to make use of.

Accommodation at the University of Worcester

Been able to find the right accommodation once you have enrolled at the university is essential. There are over 1000 single rooms for students to occupy that have been built across different areas of the universities’ campuses. The university of Worcester can offer accommodation that is contemporary and one which is also able to suit not only your needs but your budget as well. The accommodation areas are also very safe and have also been made comfortable for any student who would like to occupy a given room. There is also a 24-hour emergency maintenance as well as 24-hour security to ensure that students can get whatever it is that they need.

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